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Attending a Sunday gathering is a wonderful experience, but often in the busyness of Sunday morning it’s hard to meaningfully connect with others on a deeper level. If the church is going to feel like home, we have to find ways to belong and connect with others.“Remember people come to churches for many reasons, but usually stay because they’ve made a close friend or two in the church”.
– John Wimber
Belonging to community and building relationships with others is central to what it means to follow Jesus and we offer some different ways for you to connect with others. We believe being integrated into a strong ecosystem of groups and accountable friendships is an essential and authentic way to grow as apprentices of Jesus. Below you will find a few places to get started.
We have groups of all types that meet across the county. These groups are a great way to make new friends and build relationships. Our groups run on a termly basis, although we have some groups that you can join at any time, follow the link to see our available groups.
Huddles are designed so that anyone, anywhere can participate, with no training or facilitation. We don’t organise Huddles centrally, instead we empower you to do them yourselves! This is a simple environment of 3 to 4 people who meet regularly to invest in sharing life, grow in their pursuit of Jesus and hold each other up in prayer.
Alpha is a short series of interactive sessions that explore the big questions of life through the lens of the Christian faith in a relaxed and low-pressure environment. Alpha is a great place to form community and build friendships with others on a similar journey.
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