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In 2017 Central Vineyard Northampton set out on a journey of multiplication, this resulted in the planting of three other sites, together functioning as a multisite church. As we head into a new decade and contemplate what life might look like in a post Covid-19 world, we started to reimagine what it means for us to continue to be a church that multiplies.

As we started this reimagining process, we went from being defined as 'one church in multiple locations' and have now moved towards what we are describing as 'a family of churches'. We believe this transition will help to simplify our structure, it will give each church location more local autonomy and it will enable us to go further than we've previously imagined, while remaining rooted in the conviction that we are better together than we are alone.

In practice this means that everything we do flows out of a foundation of friendship, where we are seeking to learn together, share resources and collaborate, with a renewed commitment of planting even more healthy reproducing churches.

Central vineyard

Kettering vineyard

Central Vineyard

Garden city vineyard
Milton Keynes

Our Commitments

We recognise each church serves a unique community, so we want to champion unique expression, meaning:

Each church will function more autonomously on a local level.

Each church has their own articulated vision and strategy.

Each church will give and receive assistance for the overall health of the family.

Our bond is mutually beneficial, rooted in relationship, meaning we will work toward:

Regular moments to be relationally connect together.

A willingness to share our events and resources with one another, so we all get to benefit.

A commitment to learning together and sharing best practices with one another.

One of the primary purposes for our connection, is to plant even more healthy reproducing churches, by:

Proactively participating and budgeting toward multiplication through church planting.

Developing church planting pipelines in each local church context.

Participating in the training opportunities, for our teams and potential planters.

Four unique churches, relationally bound together, to multiply churches across the south east corner of the midlands and beyond.
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